An important trend in today's marketing is video and animatione. They are easy and pleasant to receive. They are therefore a form in which it is worth investing in order to gain new clients and conduct interactive communication with them.

The biggest advantage of the video form over the text form is the fact that video in the simpler way is able to evoke certain emotions in our recipient: joy, indignation or trust. To a large extent it depends on the implementation, quality of production or style.

The online world is focused on visual communication, it is difficult to catch the attention of current users for a long time, in text form. Particular attention to the text explaining the difficult and complex descriptions, activities or explanations of processes. However, in the case of video, we can show it in an interesting and engaging way to our users. Creating interaction with them.

The advantages of video in business:

  • a large range of video and animation on the internet, thanks to the immersive form of the message in relation to traditional forms like texts,
  • video and animations are useful when we want to evoke specific emotions in our recipients. As a result, they attract more attention and engage users,
  • 3d animations allow you to create and show a product that exists only at the stage of plans. As a result, we can show the product to our client or investor in a realistic way.

Video tutorial - explainer

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