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The main addition to this daily ritual are certainly kitchen appliances. Which not only should be reliable, the preparation of dishes with their help should also be fun taking into account their functionality and set of functions, then at the end equally important that they would have an original pattern. For sure, such kitchen appliances can include the Smeg kitchen mixer.

Product configurator

Interactive configurator

A website was created for the needs of the project. The page whose main task was to show the possibility of one of the Smegg devices, i.e. a kitchen mixer. For her needs, visualizations, 3d animations and interactive product viewing were created.

Hero Smeg 1 - Smegg
Hero Smeg 2 - Smegg

The mobile version

smegg mobile min - Smegg

Interactive model

The use of the 3D configurator is not limited to a specific industry. Wherever your client faces difficulties with a multitude of options, you want to show a product that is complicated or there is no possibility of its physical presentation, our application will be a very good solution.

smeg blue 00000 - Smegg

Examples of visualizations

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