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Mercedes CLS

We made:

Our INTERACTIVE CONFIGURATOR allows you to show the product in the form of 3D, all in order to present your customers with personalized feelings and the opportunity to fully understand the company's products offered. Thanks to the included video, we presented additional product functions in an interesting and accessible way.
The following example of ours INTERACTIVE CONFIGURATOR gives the possibility to personalize the new Mercedes CLS model and arrange a test drive or place an order.
Product configurator

Interactive configurator

MercedesConfigureFull - Mercedes CLS
MercedesConfigure - 2a - Mercedes CLS
MercedesConfigure - 1a - Mercedes CLS

The mobile version

The project is prepared and optimized for mobile devices.

mobileMErc 1 min - Mercedes CLS

Interactive model - examples

The use of the 3D configurator is not limited to a specific industry. Wherever your client faces difficulties with a multitude of options, you want to show a product that is complicated or there is no possibility of its physical presentation, our application will be a very good solution.

merc white 00000 - Mercedes CLS

Examples of visualizations

Examples of animations

Mercedes CLS - animations

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