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e1 - Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin

We made:

Our task was to prepare proposals based on the provided brief and to design a gamification platform. Creation of the ui platform project, creation of 3d scenes and characters.


1 1 wire - Leroy Merlin
wire2a - Leroy Merlin

Mobile UX

wire3aa - Leroy Merlin

Modeling, rendering and post-production

model a - Leroy Merlin

UI projects

u 1 - Leroy Merlin
LeroyMockup 01 - Leroy Merlin

Currently, at the stage of creating the prototype of the site, the responsive version for various devices is included. That is the ability to adapt to the resolution of various mobile devices. Without this, the site looks outdated and you can lose a very large percentage of recipients, because most of them browse websites on devices such as a tablet or a mobile phone. The site adapted to such equipment is positively received by the guests of the site and encourages its further browsing.

LeroyMockup folio3 - Leroy Merlin
ui2a - Leroy Merlin
LeroyMockup folio3a 1 - Leroy Merlin
LeroyMockup 04 - Leroy Merlin
LeroyMockup 05 - Leroy Merlin
LeroyMockup 06 - Leroy Merlin

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